What to do in Seattle, Washington

Spring Break isn’t always celebrated in cold states but my friend Ari and I decided to do #SB2019 different this year. Seattle was the first stop. Boulder was the next but that didn’t quite happen for me. This city was awesome and so beautiful. We didn’t get to everything on our list but I am so excited to be able to say we saw, we ate (a lot), and concurred.

Where to explore:

Pike Place Market- a classic tourists stop that we had to see. It is so different than anything I had done before and walking through the crowded building of venders and fresh produce was a check off the bucket list for me.

Capitol Hill- love this part of Seattle and from staying at the University of Washington with some friends I was told they have a pretty good bar scene as well. Specs of color everywhere in a gloomy city. We had to capture it

Gas works park- I didn’t get a good picture when I went but we watched the sunset one night and it was unbelievable, so highly recommend.

Gum Wall- a must see. we all know that haha. Located down a street in Pike Place Market. Tip: buy gum before going because there is no where around to buy some. Trust. We spent a while looking.

Space Needle- another one of those ” did you even go to Seattle” without a picture here place.

Museum of Pop Culture- I didn’t go inside but it was such a cool building and located right next to the space needle.

Where to eat:

Shugs Soda Fountain and Ice Cream- located on the street above Pike Place Market. Yummy ice cream and an adorable location. I went for something different in my shake which was the Earl Grey ice cream flavor. So so good.

Copal- located in downtown Seattle, omg this Mexican food is to die for. Not to mention the trendy restaurant itself. I wanted to take pictures inside all day.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery- I wish I could sit here and say there were all these amazing type of coffee’s and such but to be honest I don’t know any other type of coffee then my hazelnut latte lol. Great food though and such a cool environment inside.

The Pink Door- we heard this was a popular fav of the people in Seattle so we decided to try it out. Great atmosphere and very interesting style as well. Went for a very seafood dish I hadn’t had before and it was wonderful.

There were some other places that were on our list and one night Ari and I even had seven rolls of sushi in a town called Kirkland. We left Seattle full and satisfied. A great trip exploring a new city. Hope you had a memorable spring break 2019!

All my love, T

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