Tips on Creating Your Dream Dorm Room!

I remember this time last year I was so excited to start planning my freshman college dorm room. So to those of you who just graduated going on to live in a dorm, here are some tips that really helped me make my dream room.

  1. get an idea about what colors you like. Pray that ur roommate has similar ones. I got lucky shout out Erin Schoeman. miss ya
  2. find one piece and design your room around it. For example: I picked this pillow off

3. I then made a vision board of all the other decor I wanted to match based off the colors of this pillow! Some of the items on the board I got, others we’re just for inspiration.

My dorm room was my favorite place this semester. I looked forward to getting back to my dorm at night or sitting at my desk in my cozy room. I hope all of you designing your first college dorm room this summer enjoy doing it and create a room you don’t want to leave.

Thank you Waits 106, you hold memories I will remember forever.

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