Tie-Dyed Sweats: At Home

Once again Mckenna and I set out to do another thing on our bucket list last week.

It has been nice that with my work and her work schedule we are usually off the same days and plan the weekend before to get together and do another new activity.

Tie- Dying has been all the rage in what feels like the last few months. I know a countless amount of people who has done it as one of their quarantine activities, not to mention tie-dyed sweats being sold everywhere. But I will say, doing it yourself if much more fulfilling!

What to Tie-Dye:

I ordered white sweats off amazon that I linked below. I recommend getting a different pair of sweat pants because the material of ours didn’t pick up the dye too well. And the sweat shirt had little grey specks that I didn’t anticipate but it was our first time and we just wanted to try it out.

For the Dye:

I had plenty of people around me who had left over dye they didn’t use or haven’t used that I was able to get my hands on so we didn’t go out and buy any but the kind I used I will put below. They were super simple and easy.

The type I used is out of stock on Amazon but it is the Tulip brand. I am sure you can find it at Micheals or Hobby Lobby!


Dying kits can be different so I would just read the directions for the one you have. But for ours we just had to dampen the material and dye away.

There are so many ways to tie your material for different designs. I would look some up and pick your favorite.

We went with the “crinkle” look.

When I say I felt like a kid waiting to open my presents on Christmas Day, I am not joking.

We sat for 6 hours and just waited and even then ended up putting some more dye on them and leaving them overnight.

It was totally worth it tho! ok. Maybe not the pants haha

I am obsessed with the jacket! I ended up cropping mine because I am just not a big oversized sweatshirt type of girl.

It was super fun and made both of us really want to do some other stuff like pj shorts or something. It was a great little activity on our lazy day but still trying something new.

You know how they say, “food tastes better when you make it yourself”? I think it may be the same with clothes. It is fun wearing clothes you made! I hope it inspires you to go make your own.

All my love, T

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