Stagecoach for the first time! 15 things they don’t tell you

I have been waiting to go to Stagecoach since freshman year of high school, so when senior year came around I was beyond ready.

so what did I find out…

  1. Bring options for outfits- I don’t care if you were like me and planned ur outfits literally the morning of. Bring options. You never know how you are going to feel the next day, you could spill something, all that bad stuff.
  2. Pack late night snacks- when you get back to wherever you are staying at around 12 o’clock at night I swear to you, you will want to eat. I even promised myself I wouldn’t yet every night I chowed down once I got to my hotel.
  3. Don’t try and find people- what I totally underestimated was the difficulty in finding different groups of my friends. there are so many people and no service it seriously is impossible unless you all stay in one place. I even lost my sister for a few hours on end.

4. EW wind- I HATE the wind. hate it. so Saturday comes around and I literally wanted to leave so bring a ponytail, be patient, and try not to blow away.

5. Dirt- at the end of every night you will have dirt EVERYWHERE. There is a layer on your face, on your clothes, all up your legs, and more. So be ready to shower every night and maybe bring a bandana to cover your face from the dirt.

6. No RV park pass- we had a couple of friends staying in the RV park and planned to go back and forth between there and the festival but it was not worth the extra money. The RV park is huge it is impossible to find anyone.

7. bring band-aids- blisters will occur. Especially if you do what I did and not care about comfortable shoes just looking cute. bad idea.

8. hydrate – I was constantly thirsty so hydrate and keep drinking water the whole time.

9.  Go with your favs- make sure to spend stagecoach with the people you know you will have the most fun with and can be the happiest you around. Ask yourself “do I want to look back and remember stagecoach with these people” and make sure the answer is yes.

10. Low expectations- lastly, what I have learned in life is that if you always go into a situation not expecting much you will never find yourself disappointed.

All my love, T

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