Salvation Mountain

I was craving a weekend trip out of Orange County and this was the perfect fix.

The 2 & 1/2 hour drive was so worth it.

First, the Salton Sea is so cool. We were driving along and all of a sudden I realized we were in the middle of the desert with this amazing body of water next to us. Windows down. Music blaring. Sunroof open. One of those summer moments we all hope for.

Slab city was weirdddd. But interesting for sure.

We got to Salvation Mountain at what’s known as the busiest time of the day. But in all honesty if was that packed. So don’t worry about getting there at a specific time.

It was roasting haha. We were there for maybe and hour and got back in the car sweating.

On the way back we stopped at Bombay Beach.

Our little fam excursion turned into a day full of laughs and memories and a memory of this summer I won’t forget.

Take the drive and go see these two great sights!

All my Love, T

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