Palm Springs, CA Quarantine Vacation

During this quarantine situation my family and I were fortunate enough to rent a house for two weeks in Palm Springs!

It was so nice to just get away for two weeks out of our own house and make quarantine almost feel like a little vacation.

My sisters and I were allowed to bring two friends who had been quarantining as well so we were safe. My friend Ellie and my boyfriend, Scott came out to me and made it even better of an experience.

The house was an adorable, newly done place located right when you get into Palm Springs that fit all of us perfectly.

In between tanning all day and enjoying the pool, We decided to find a fun picture spot around the windmills. There are many spots you can pull off the road to capture the cool background.

Ellie and I love taking pictures so we found another cool spot that is right behind the tram station. It is a long open street and very hard to miss if you want to captures some cool pics there as well.

That afternoon we just hangout by the pool and had a great rest of our girls day.

Palm Spring’s sunsets were a highlight of our little staycation.

After two months of not seeing each other, I finally got to see my boyfriend. I feel like quarantine was a hard time for any couple, wether being quarantined together or apart. We celebrated getting through it and experiencing our first little trip together.

When in the desert it was a must to find at least one colorful door to take pictures in front of. Although the very common pink door you see all over Pinterest now has signs up saying “No Pictures”, the #thatyellowdoor was open and as vibrant as ever.

The address for the Yellow Door is somewhere on S. Yosemite Dr. , Palm Springs, CA.

We left Palm Springs with a happy and full heart from our quarantine break and all the memories we made.

I hope this post inspires you to go on your own adventures in Palm Springs and explore like we did!

All my love, T

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