No Cell Phone for a Week…What did I Learn?

I didn’t have a phone for a week…what did I learn

Tip: Don’t leave ur phone on the open side of your purse when out with friends…it will get stolen. 

Contact with people- Okay so disclaimer I did have my laptop. So, I eventually set up messages on my lap top and was able to text people when I was in my dorm. There is so much  we rely on our cell phones for and how connected people are these days.

On snapchat my sorority sisters and I have a group chat and that is where we plan everything so I missed out on that for everything so I never knew what was going on.

Ordering food- I tried ordering Doordash, Uber eats, even Postmates off my computer and every single cite had to send a code to my phone… so yeah couldn’t do that.

The simplest things were hard too. Waking up for class in the morning with no alarm, not having music to listen to at the gym, etc.

All things said about how much we rely on our phones I definitely appreciated not having one believe it or not…

ALONE TIME- so once I left my dorm I had no way of contacting people once I didn’t have my lap top. I remember one day I walked to class, the bookstore, 7/11, and cvs for who knows how long. 

And on that walk instead of holding my phone in my hand and looking down at a illuminated screen I looked up and forward. As cheesy as it may sound, sun on your face and appreciating your surroundings is so important and refreshing.

GETTING STUFF DONE- okay first there is so much to be said about writing thing down. My planner turned into my best friend that week. Instead of putting my to do’s for the day in my reminders tucked away in some app on my phone I had to write everything down. And I swear I have never gotten so much done. I was able to physically check things off and not waste time scrolling through Instagram.

I COULD FOCUS ON SCHOOL WORK EASIER- not having a phone to distract you every 15 minutes changes the whole dynamic of getting homework done.

I still no I will never be able to be that person who puts their phone away while they do all their homework.

ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER- My dad used to tell me this when I was younger. Not being in constant contact with people makes you appreciate their presence even more.

FRIEND TIME AND LIVING IN THE MOMENT-Leave your phone at home one time when you go out with a group of friends. I promise you will love just enjoying your time not feeling like you have to capture the moment or be distracted on your phone. 

I simplified these points a lot. There were a multitude of other thoughts I had toward getting off this device that seems to control all of our lives these days.

I guess I hope whoever reads this is inspired to take time off their phone and be present in everything you are doing like it did for me.

All My Love, T

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