New York

A full post reminiscing on my first trip to NYC would be way to long so I’m going to sum it up in 10 best memories:

1. Dropping my mom’s 800$ camera in the middle of time square and my family not talk to me for that whole rest of the day.:)))))

2. Eating at the infamous Sarahbeth’s restaurant and later realizing I successfully had another Gossip Girl moment captured.

3. Freezing my butt of on the coldest yet greatest bike tour of Central Park. Tour Guides can MAKE or break an experience.

4. Meeting up with a very talented sweet middle school friend of mine who goes to the New York School of Ballet and realizing that she is 16, living like an adult while I’m over here still asking for help to turn on my TV.

5. Taking a boat tour on a very windy rainy day to see the Statue of Liberty. Good laughs though for sure.

6. Eating. And eating well.

7. A private tour of The Met by a Columbia art professor that I loved. My sisters? Not so much.

8. Oh! Seeing the Empire Hotel. Chuck Bass where you at??

9. Experiencing the One World Trade Center.

10. Getting lost and wondering a lot. But hey, people say there are two ways of experiencing New York. Planned and accordingly or random and memorable. I prefer the second option:)

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