Los Angeles Part 4

I decided I wanted to finish this little Los Angeles series before going to Europe and going crazy with the pictures so here we go. This one will be a short one. The plan for this day was to go to the Broad museum which didn’t happen. We drove all the way down to LA and found the museum with a line wrapped around the entire building. Em called to ask how we could make reservations, but the girl on the phone gave us the low down on how to get in for next time. After driving past our planned destination we decided to drive to the kiss wall. For those of you who are wondering where it is, it is right across the street from Paul Smith with the big pink wall. We also went in to the coffee store called Ciao Bella it is on and got this bomb ice tea. But hunger soon kicked in. We must have looked up places to eat at for at least three hours before giving up and going for a quick coffee/snack run to Alfred’s Coffee. We literally walked in and then walked out because we realized we actually didn’t want coffee haha. Yeah it was a very unsuccessful, indecisive day. We sat outside the place for a while with an eager mind to actually go do something and not just drive around all day.

I forget a lot about that day and the order of where we went and when. But I do remember that at some point we attempted to go to another resteraunt but I forget what is was called. We drove back towards downtown away from Beverly Hills and get to the place just to find out it was closed that day…yep. Next, we decided to go to another place to eat called The Daily Dose Cafe. This was in a different location in LA and so we got in my car to drive there. We get their and it is kind of hidden in a not so nice area coming from Beverly Hills and Melrose. We parked kind of far away because the parking was weird; we walked to Daily Dose Cafe. It was under construction and temporarily closed. That was the final straw lol. We decided we were done with LA for a while. We stopped at MILK for some good macaroons then headed back to Newport Beach. Our jam sessions on these car rides were my absolute favorite. We finally had dinner at Zinc in Newport. What makes me laugh is that at the end of the day we were in a shop and found a mini balloon dog on the shelf. This was ironic because if you have seen pictures at the Broad, that is one of the displays. I told Ro to take a picture of me. I said that I would shrink myself down and effect it to look like we actually saw the dog at the Broad haha.

You are going to laugh at me but what I really felt after that day was a perfect example of what people mean when they say 

” It’s not about the destination, but the journey”

 Even though we didn’t get to any of the places we planned on going we had a good time doing it. Laughing, messing around, talking, getting scared because we found ourselves in some bad areas throughout the day, everything. It was the journey that made our trips to LA so special. Knowing that we will look back and remember these once we all had graduated high school going to college was bitter sweet to me. Sitting here writing this I think that this is fitting that it was the end of our adventures considering Ro is leaving for college in the next few months. We may have to just continue it when we all are home next summer haha. Thanks LA you were so so good to us.

All My Love, T

P.S I am going to start putting a little ❗️next to the link in my twitter bio so that those of you reading this know when I post something new.:)

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