Los Angeles Part 2

Second trip to LA was just with  Ro and I. We decided that we needed to hike to the Hollywood sign because everyone should in their lives. We died. It was a journey and one we said we would not do again because we saw it and now don’t care to go back. It probably didn’t help that it was hot as hell that day either.

When you look how to park and all that for the Hollywood hike, I read that the best option is to park in the Griffith observatory parking lot. The trails start at the parking lot so it was perfect. It took us about thirty minutes to decide which way we start to walk. Even after asking a park ranger we kind of just went for it hoping to get to the sign somehow.

This 4 mile hike did not feel like a 4 mile hike. It felt like 8. And was so so long. Rochelle and I had many water breaks and sitting breaks lol. Like I remember at one point we just sat in the middle of the walk way and didn’t care at all to move when people passed. This is coming from two athletic girls too. We aren’t two of those never hike or run type of chicks.  Every mile I think we said over and over again “this is a one time thing”. The views the whole way were gorgeous though. Seeing all around LA high up in the hills was definitely a memoriable part. Once we saw the sign we felt accomplished. I mean even us girls born in California who don’t live too far from LA, it still is a cool thing to know that we hiked to the Hollywood sign. And we did so we were happy. That was until we realized we had to hike all the way back:)))). I’m pretty sure we talked about every part of our lives at the time along the way and every exciting trip either one of us has ever been on. By the end were dead tired and dirty.

But we had to stop at MILK, the Macaroon Ice Cream place that I’m sure you have seen on ig at least once. I decided to be as healthy as  possible (dumb idea in this situation, like come on Trystan if you’re going to go somewhere good go all in😑) and got the lime sherbet. Ro got the dolce de leche macaroon and rubbed it in my face how good it was the whole two second it took her to eat it lol.

I recently learned that they closed the hike down:(.  I’m really happy I got to do it before it was too late and have that experience now ever more than before. Even with the smallest accomplishments in life like hiking to the Hollywood sign, they bring memories. . It doesn’t have to be anything big, just go out there and do it. Laugh, talk, people watch, all the good stuff haha and you won’t regret it.

All my love, T

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