Los Angeles Part 1

LA part 1 includes Em, Ro and my first trip to LA. And honestly probably the most successful one at that. I met Rochelle and Emery from soccer a few years ago and since then we have all stayed great friends which I love. We kind of randomly planned to go to LA but it has turned into a little tradition through high school.

So January 2, 2016 we drove down to Santa Monica first. The pier is exactly what is seems like in pictures with the rides and people. Like lots and lots of people. Tourists, locals, the whole thing. We ate at the top of some cute restaurant on the pier and rode the ferris wheel. We were over it after a while and decided it was time for Melrose.

At the time of our first LA trip Em and I had only had our licenses for a little less then a month because we both got it on December 10th so we decided it would probably be smart to let’s Ro drive considering she had hers for over  year. That was one of our smart decisions of the trip because three young girls navigating through LA traffic is a joke ( this will come back in part 3 of LA lol). We successfully found all the walls ya know like the Paul Smith pink one, the Wings, all that. We walked to DASH and then were pretty exhausted and ready to go back to Ems and just hang. Sounds like we didn’t do anything haha but driving around LA and parking the next walking around can wear you out trust. We stopped at some random CVS for snacks for the ride home haha. I forget what we got but I won’t forget how dirty my car was when I got home that night from ems crumbs in the back.

Over all we had a great time. Three gals walking, shopping, taking pictures, talking is pretty much a successful day in my book:). I don’t see them all the time so whenever we hang is a little catch up session and I love it.


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