Lavender Fields

So one afternoon recently I was watching some show on Netflix and scrolling through Instagram. I had seen on my feed that a person I follow had gone to a lavender field and immediately wanted to go to one.

My first action of course was… look it up on Pinterest

My Pinterest

After scrolling through posts on posts, getting major pic envy for all the adorable lavender field trips people had taken I found a place called the 123 Farm. Turns out they were having their lavender festival THAT WEEKEND.

I texted my friends to find a little lavender explorer buddy and bought our tickets!

It was such an awesome, different experience.

Learning about how they grow the lavender. All the cool products being produced from lavender, from the oils, mists, make up products, lavender honey, etc.

we enjoyed some lavender lattes and lavender iced tea, watched the oil being made, smelts about everything you could imagine out of lavender, and frolicked through the fields of course.

This hour trip from home was such a fun time. I think life is so filled with adventures that are meant to be experienced whether they are familiar or not. This was something new but such a good time.

What I can say from this is plan things! Go out and try an experience you usually wouldn’t, I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

All my love, T

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