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I have been in college for a month now. I was thinking to myself before I got here how nice it would be if someone has a list of tips to handle college. With my little sister starting high school and me not being able to be there to help her through it the next four years I wanted to make a “High School Handbook”. A list of tips that I learned in the last four years. I wanted to make her something she could look at if she is ever in a hard situation, and honestly for anyone else who needs some advice in high school right now.

There were moments in High School I wish someone had told me these things.

This most definitely doesn’t cover nearly all of it so I made a anonymous ask area if you ever needed some advice or have questions. It will be in the menu ↑!

“A High School Hand Book”


  • boys do not define your worth
  • whether you are in 5 relationships or none in high school it doesn’t matter.
  • Hold yourself to a good standard. 
  • You are different people so you will handle situations differently
  • That fight is not worth it.
  • Be understanding. Even if you do not agree with what that person is saying understand where they are coming from and listen.
  • If your significant other is hurt by your actions but you don’t think they should be, just be comforting and apologize. Try and think of a different way to go about it next time so nobody gets hurt.
  • Be loyal. And if you aren’t happy, do not be in the relationship. Unhappiness is never an excuse to not be loyal.
  • Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want them doing.
  • Trust. If trust isn’t present you will never be happy.
  • Heartbreaks suck. But ride it out. Things always get better.
  • Don’t chase people.
  • Advice from my best guy friend- “If a guy wants to talk to you he will”.
  • Don’t take it too seriously if it doesn’t work out it is not the end of the world. Even if it may feel like it is.
  • This sounds bad but… there really are plenty of fish in the sea.
  • If you do fall in love. Cherish it. Love that person like crazy. If it doesn’t work out at least you can say you gave it all you had.
  • Keep your private life private.


  • Try not to regret things. Just see them as a learning experience.
  • Never be afraid to “start over”. Wether thats a new school or a different sport, or group of friends. You deserve happiness at the end of the day.
  • Make the best of your situation.
  • There is always something to be thankful for.
  • Remember the the more experiences and people you meet in  high school the better time it will be.
  • Get involved in something at your school. Or multiple things.It will just make your time there better.
  • Work hard in school. College is FUN. Trust me you will want to enable yourself to have that option after those four years.
  • Balance is so important. Work hard on school work but don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Senior-itis is so real. don’t let it get you too much.
  • Mind your own business. I can not stress this enough. Always ask yourself “is this my business?”
  • Talking about other people shows more about your character than it does what you are saying about them.
  • Find your religious escape. Whatever your religion or spirituality try and spend an hour a week giving time to that and clearing your mind.
  • If you don’t like someone unfollow. This isn’t “petty” …it is smart. You shouldn’t care to see their ig posts, snapchat stories, tweets, favorites, anything. Cut the negativity off.
  • Make it the best four years of your life. It probably won’t be. But make that your goal.
  • Ride the rollercoaster. You are going to hit rock bottom. But the come up is the best parts of life. A perfect life would be boring.
  • There will always be another party. Don’t feel like you have to go to every one
  • Have school spirit. Go to sports games and cheer on your friends or cheer with your friends. You will look back and be happy you did it.
  • Go to high school dances even if its just with friends. You will look back and miss them.
  • Over all high school is only four years out of your long long life so don’t take things too seriously. Remember the best is yet to come.
  • A bad day is just a bad day. A bad week is just a bad week. You will have these so just let them pass and get that mindset to have a better next day or better next week.
  • Learn to be flexible with plans.
  • Get active. Find some type of working out to escape homework for a few hours. Balance is key.
  • Junior year is hard. Put in the work for that ACT/SAT it will pay off.


  • be the friend you wish you had
  • always put yourself in the other position and do what you would want them to do
  • keep secrets
  • include your friends. Just because this person is friends with this group doesn’t mean you can’t introduce them to another group.
  • Don’t be a jealous friend. If two of your good friends get close don’t get territorial be happy that they created a great friendship.
  • You don’t always want to be friends with people who are exactly like you. It will never be interesting.
  • always look out for their happiness

•forgive but if someone shows you their true colors don’t ignore it

  • don’t talk about one friend to another one
  • make sure you show you care about them and are interested in them
  • be happy for their successes
  • ask to hangout/ make plans. Nobody likes one way friendships.
  • don’t be friends with someone who tries to compete with you
  • people are going to screw you over so let them go. you don’t need the bad energy in your life
  • check yourself- make sure you always check yourself and even if you feel like you did nothing wrong self evaluation is so important for growth

• all that boy drama with friends..AVOID.

-do not date your friends ex

-do not hook up with ur friends ex

– do not like a boy your friend likes

– unless your friend is in an abusive relationship it’s their business. Be there for them when they need to talk and just be a good friend.

  • there is so so much in this category…

•don’t judge. About anything. You have no idea others struggles and people will mess up but friends are supposed to be their for you, not judge you like everyone else in the world will.

  • Do not be shady and secretive
  • you can have friends and close friends
  • learn to be cordial and the bigger person to people you don’t always want to be nice to. And that’s not being “fake” that’s being mature.
  •  don’t stoop to people’s levels
  • stand up for yourself
  • When you feel like you don’t have anyone really open your eyes and cherish the good ones you do have. I promise there is always someone.
  • There will always be attributes to someone that you don’t like. That doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them. Just accept that that is how they are. And if you can’t then that is when you should not be friends with them.
  • Just because you don’t get along with someone doesn’t mean your friends can’t be friends with them. Making people pick sides on issues is the most childish thing you can possibly do.


disclaimer: These are the tips that that I learned and helped me. Everyone is different but try these out!

  • You will not get up early to do it. Do that homework now.
  • When it hits 12 go to sleep.
  • All nighters are no-gos. You will want to die the next day.
  • Find al least one good thing to look forward to for each class.
  • Try to not skip class.
  • Study with people.
  • Study/ do homework in different places. For me, a change in surrounding motivates me and helps me reengage.
  • Stay organized
  • If you fail a test it is OKAY. I promise you it is not the end of the world. You can still get that grade up. (I failed precalc twice, finally passed my senior year, and here I am at my dream school)
  • “Pain is temporary, GPA is forever” haha this is a bit harsh but I told myself this junior year and it helps.

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