Free Yoga in Laguna Beach


Yes, there is free yoga in Laguna Beach. Since a little girl and my grandma moved to Laguna I would always notice the groups of people doing yoga on the grass walking in front of the Montage Hotel. Picking it up this summer when I went down this week I made it a goal of mine to get up early and do it.

It starts at 8:00am. I showed up a little late and there was absolutely no one on the grass except for a yoga instructor and another women. Being my first time I just thought this was someone’s private session or something like that. I started walking up the steps back tot he street a little disappointed that there was no yoga when a women saw me with my mat and said “is the yoga canceled?”. She was so charming and sweet. I loved how great her mood was so early in the morning because usually people are not so pleasant lol. we continued to talk about the yoga and she told me to follow her and we would find the instructor. Turns out the two people were the class haha.

That day I literally had one of the best yoga classes EVER.  There was only three of us, so it was practically a private class and a good one at that. My whole body felt amazing after. For those of you that haven’t gotten into yoga it is so great. Shout out to my friend Marissa for inviting me to a yoga sculpt class with her one day because my life has changed ever since haha❤︎.

Anyway, it was adorable and such a great class. It is free to some extent but the instructors are open for donations at the end of the class so make sure if you go to give a tip. How sweet is that for someone to spend there morning having a morning yoga session for free to strangers? It’s the little things in life right?😊

Here’s the yelp page for it if anyone is interested⇢ Yoga in the Park


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