Florence, Siena,Tuscany, and Venice🇮🇹📍

Italy is something special. I’m surprised by the amount of pictures I have because it is a place you can barley capture. Siena is this small city that is so rich in history and still carries that history on today. 

Florence is awesome. I fell in love with the hotel we stayed at with the pool on the roof. Not to mention the coolest city.

Tuscany was something out of a movie. Beautiful vineyards. Open land. We randomly got dropped off at a vineyard and met a classic Italian family that produces there own wine. Not a lot of people can say they went wine tasting in Tuscany. My parents really enjoyed themselves. 

And lastly, Venice. To be honest venice looks like a dream before you go. But it is quite boring. Don’t get me wrong it is amazing, beautiful, magical, and should be seen before it is gone, but there really is not much to do. Not to mention the biggest tourist trap out of everywhere I have been on this trip. I’m still happy I got to see it though, everyone should.

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