Birthdays are just another day. Another year older. Nothing too special. We wake up and have that consious knowledge that okay, today is different than yesterday. It is my birthday.

Eighteen was more than that. I woke up and actually felt older. I wasn’t a kid anymore. Although there weren’t any significant changes on that day I knew they would come in the following months.

And here we are. It has been almost three months and all I can say is those life changing events I knew were on the horizon have not disappointed.

Since turning eighteen…

I went skydiving. Which I would do a thousand times if I could⇢watch here!

I went gambling and won $600 which wasn’t bad for my first time lol.

I got in my first car accident.

I got my first flat tire.

I got into my dream college!

I got my first job.

My personal life changed in a way I never expected haha.

The whole tattoo thing im not sure about yet.

I know there is a multitude of other things people can do once they turn eighteen but for right now that will do. I hope on your eighteen birthday you wake up and feel the next exciting chapter of your life starting.

It felt like my life was on fire. Like I was on the edge between an ending and a new beginning

-Greta Rose

All my love, T







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