Do it for the memory, not just a picture for your feed.

The other day I was with my friend Bailey and we were talking about how we felt in life currently.

The day before I had just gone to the strawberries fields in Carlsbad to pick some strawberries but mainly, take pictures.

On the drive back home from San Diego I thought to myself “I should be happy right now”. I just did something fun with my friend, something new. We make plans to have experiences that make us happy, make us laugh, make memories. But what are those memories if the whole purpose of those plans were just to get a cute picture for instagram?

I think there is a good line that sometimes is blurred of if social media is a form of showing your memories and experiences or to prove something. These days we have instagram influencers, people who use instagram for their businesses, etc. Makes us (or at least I know me sometimes) feel like we have to keep up.

This idea made me think to myself, I love my instagram. Not because of the way it looks, my amount of followers, likes or any of that shallow b******t but because I can look through the pictures and see all these amazing moments of my life I captured. I’ve had it since 5th grade so hell, haha it hols a lot.

“Moments captured as opposed to creating a moment to capture”

– T

I think that may be the key. I want my instagram to always be pictures of moments in my life that I captured not a planned photo that is aesthetically pleasing on my feed.

I want those pictures to hold feelings, moments, memories. Even for the activities that we all know we did for the pics, maybe its mentality that when we go to take a picture here or there, make it for more than just a picture. Make it for a memory.

Now don’t get me wrong. I will be the first to admit that I use the same edit on my photos and check if something looks good on my feed. I think the difference is that I see instagram as sort of “a scrapbook of my life”.

When scrapbooking picture you want it to look cute, match, or flow to the next page. You know what I’m saying? We look at scrapbooks from our parents and grandparents and see moments of their lives.

I’m writing this because my line has been blurred sometimes recently. I found myself not living an experience fully. I was just thinking about what I would get out of it, a picture for my feed.

Maybe some of you can recognize what I’m saying and feel that way yourself and some may not. I know there are so many people who post real moments and I commend them for that because I want to be that way always.

Going forward that’s my intention. Post to show an experience and moments you will look back on and remember!

All my love, T

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