College Spring Break in St. Petersburg, Florida!

It is hour # 4 of sitting in the Denver airport for my layover to get back to California. Yesterday my friends and I were sitting in my friend’s room in Tampa, Florida when our school announced that we will be off for another week then two weeks of online school following that. You could say this definitely changed the vibe of the trip.

This virus thing is kind of surreal. I can’t really wrap my head around it to be honest. I also can not tell if it’s being over hyped or what. All I can say is I have lost count at how many times I have washed my hands in the last three hours in this airport.

Anyway, Last Friday my friends and I left for a great trip to spring break in St. Petersburg, Florida. We got the greatest little house on Airbnb that fit all of us plus some surprised guests that just added to the fun!

Last time I was in Tampa/St. Petersburg my life was so different. I had thoughts for my future and even a possible idea that part of it would have taken place there. Here I am. at a different college, in new relationship, with new friends, and honestly a very different person.

I appreciate going back to places sometimes because it makes you look back on who you we’re last time you were there and if you like what you have become.

I love what has happened in my life since that last time my feet touched Floridian land.

This Spring break has set high expectations for any possible trip back here in the future.

First and foremost, we tanned as much as we could, ate some good food ( and some bad food), watched the bachelor, had lots of girl time, and had some amazing trip.

Day #1- After all 12 of us got to the house day one we were on a quest to find a beach to tan on for the rest of the week. we finally found one that was located close to a hotel we wanted to check out called the Don CeSar.

Night #1- After a long day at the beach we all came back a little sunburned (you know gotta get that “base” for the rest of the week) and exhausted. After showering and getting ourselves together we decided to head into a different part of St. Petes for dinner.

It took us forever to find a place that didn’t have over a 45 minute wait and could get 12 girls in. We finally found a seafood places that we were all excited for because we wanted some good seafood. Almost two hours later we left the restaurant unsatisfied. It was definitely not our favorite meal of the trip lets just say that.

My cousin Quinton who goes to the University of Tampa came to stop by which I was very excited about because I hadn’t seen him in a while.

Our other friends from TCU had a terribly sad issue with their Vrbo and had to crash at our place for the night. It turned out being a blast with even more people to hangout with. It was now 1 house 16 girls.

Day 2- Second day comprised of more tanning like ALL DAY.

Night 2- Our dinner plans were much more planned and turn out absolutely amazing. We went to this restaurant called “Stillwaters Tavern”. It was extremely aesthetically pleasing with the best food. We also were strategic and went at happy hour!

Day 3- Another tanning day!

Night 3- After two nights of eating out we decided that it would be fun to just cook ourselves a big dinner. We planned a dinner we all wanted, stopped at the store, then split the bill between everyone. Split between 15 people it was a $3 dinner for everyone! I highly recommend doing this on trips with friends it is so much cheaper than going out for dinner and still tastes just as good!

After a delicious shrimp pasta dinner we all hangout and watched the finale of the Bachelor!

Day 4- My friend Gretchen and I got up early to go walk around downtown St.Petersburg and explore a little. We got some great crepes at a place called The Wooden Rooster. I got a goat cheese, spinach, egg, omelet that hit the spot. We just walked around, took some pictures, and explored the new place we were in.

It was a great change to do something different that morning than just go straight to the beach. We had a great little morning!

Night 4 – Our last night all together was the best. We partied together, laughed and just took in our last night in our cute Florida airbnb. One of those night that pictures can not capture and we were too busy enjoying each other to even take any cute ones except crazy Snapchat stories lol.

Day 5- Some of my friends went home for the rest of trip but the other half of us drove to our friend Angelina’s house in Tampa. On our way to Hyde Park for our girls day Brooke realized that her cousins that she hasn’t seen in years worked down the street. We decided to surprise her cousin at this cool wood store she works at and it was really funny/cute and a fun unexpected thing. Hyde Park was adorable. We got Sprinkles Cupcakes and went to eat at this cool restaurant called Datz.

While we were in Tampa we got the news that our school was extending spring break and then going online for two weeks. My parents found me a flight early out of Tampa that morning and then I was home.

Here we are now May 17th, almost two months later with our lives very different than we ever imagined. In the craziness of what felt like the last two months I look back at this trip with so much happiness. I am so thankful that I got to enjoy my spring break and spend such good quality time with them.

It was a trip I will truly never forget.

All my love, T

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