Carlsbad Strawberry Fields

Strawberry picking has been on my bucket list since last summer. Mckenna and I made plans to drive to Carlsbad to finally check it off!

My dad was a little confused why we were driving an hour and paying to do something we could literally do in my backyard garden but hey! It’s for the experience right?!

Some tips I would say about doing this would be:

  1. Wear shoes you can get dirty. My air force ones are still sitting in my garage with mud on them.
  2. Check the weather before you go! I’m not kidding when I say Mckenna and I had convinced ourselves on the way down there when it was raining out that we were just going to do it regardless if we got sprinkled on haha. Thankfully, the sprinkling stopped. It was still gloomy out but we made the most of the pictures and experience.
  3. Don’t wear a dress. I wanted to “change up my outfit” and wore a tight fitting dress and let me just tell you, there were some slip ups. I’m sure the people around me didn’t appreciate when I would step over a row of strawberries.

We of course took a million pictures and the strawberries were actually delicious ones I got home and tried them!

Overall, 10/10 of a little adventure.

All my love, T

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