Candle Making: At-Home

I have been wanting to make candles for a long time so I was so excited to finally do this!

What you need:

  1. Candle making wax – instead of buying new wax we used candles my mom doesn’t use anymore. We just cut them into smaller pieces so they would melt down easier.

2. Crayons- you can use the crayons to control the color of your candle you want. For example, we wanted our orange candles to turn out a lighter orange so we added a white crayon.

3. Jars or candle holders- We had left over mason jars and used up candles already that we used to hold our new candles. Just place the old candles in the freezer and crack the wax out once it is frozen. It is much easier to clean them out that way.

4. Candle wicks- we chose to get the wood wicks because we wanted the crackle effect when we burned them.

5. Essential Oils- once the wax is melted into a liquid consistency add a few tablespoons of essential oil for the desired scent.

It is pretty easy but time consuming, let me tell you. It took forever to melt the wax and was super messy so don’t use a glass container like we did because the clean up is a pain.

We loved the way they turned out though!

All my love, T

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