Big Bear, California

I have been wanting to go to the snow all season. So finally after Big Bear got some snow we woke up at 4:30am and hit the road. It was a good decision because we got up to Bear Mountain before the lifts even opened.

On the way up we got on the news when the boys were figuring out for the first time how to put on chains  haha.

The day was full of frustration, falling, sunburns, and frozen body parts but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way :).

It took us five hours to get home which was insane when it was supposed to take us an hour and a half. There was a car accident right next to us when we were going down the mountain so I hope everyone was safe.

There is something so great about experiencing something new for the first time with someone you love and seeing them in a different light. It makes you fall even more in love with them. *blushes* lol

all my love, T


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