Adjusting to Change

change. I think this is something we all wish we could master. Although I think I am pretty good at noticing change and changing with it. It is hard sometimes. This last summer was definitely a time like that for me. I realized that two summers ago I was traveling around Europe for a month with my family, finding myself. This summer has consisted of me spending my Mondays-Fridays working an internship from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 at night. To me life seemed boring, calmed down in a disappointing way. However, I knew I was just in a new stage of my life it was hard to not have that nostalgia to want to turn back the clock.

Now here we are, a month into my sophomore year of college and once again, I’m noticing a change in how things are going. To me, sophomore year is less adventurous and less attention,. I mean let’s be honest, sophomore year is irrelevant.

But after feeling this way twice in the last couple months (that don’t get me wrong were full of fun things), I have realized I’m struggling adapting to change in my life when I know I should be happy.

I see my life as chapters in a book. Each person in my life are the characters; some stay around, some leave. But regardless, there is always a new chapter to move on to.

I woke up this morning realizing that I need to love this new change in my life. I need to love the new experiences and adventures ahead. I should be grateful for the lessons I have been taught. I should be excited to turn the page.

Although I may not be exploring the canals of Venice or living that crazy freshman year in college, who’s not to say it won’t be better?

To anyone out there who is struggling to embrace a new time or the change that you are experiencing, be excited with me for all the unexpected moments this next chapter of your life holds. You’ll never know how your story ends unless you read through the whole book.

All My Love, T

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