A New Kind of Bliss

I wanted to share something that I realized when I was writing earlier this week. This may not make any sense at all but hey maybe it can get you thinking haha.

I realized something that had been bringing my happiness down a bit lately. I was writing about how I have been trying to get back into my healthy lifestyle I had a few months ago. I let it go a bit and it really has not helped me. I love the way I feel when I am healthy. I realized as I was writing that I am trying to get this motivation or type of feeling that I had during that time to come back. But as I was writing I thought to myself… How do I expect to get an exact feeling of strength, motivation, bliss or whatever it was to come back now? I am not supposed to feel that exact same way. I am in a different stage of my life. There is no use in chasing a feeling that came in a completely different stage of your life. It’s pointless because nothing will ever be exactly how it was. So that feeling won’t be the same. I feel like this is true in some many areas of our lives. A new job when you are trying to feel comfortable and the same way as you didn’t working somewhere before.  A familiar feeling with a new friend that you felt with one before. But life doesn’t work that way.

Life changes and those feelings will never be the same as before. So instead of trying to gain a feeling back that I felt like was in a good time, I am going to try and ask god to lead me to what I am supposed to be feeling now. That good feeling that is supposed to fill my whole being and heart now. Not ignore or push down what im thinking just embrace it. And believe that I am supposed to feeling this way. It will pass and the next feeling will come along.

Bliss changes. A feeling of complete bliss will never be the exact same in your life because life is ever changing and different every single second. So don’t chase a bliss you felt a day, a year, a month ago, chase the bliss that you haven’t felt yet. Chase the bliss that is coming. That is now.


Going to have a new post every week now!

All my love, T

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